TOURING SHOW- The Birth of the Monkey King
Duration: 35 minutes
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Audience Size: Up to 800
Puppet Style: Overhead projector shadows
Language(s): English
Personnel: 6
Stage Size (meters): 18m x 12m x 15m
Personnel: 5
Video: NTSC
Description: The birth and exploits of Sun Wu Kung, handsome Monkey King, as he shakes the foundations of Heaven. Adapted from the epic 16th century novel Journey to the West.

Duration: 50 minutes
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Audience Size: 50-500
Puppet Style: Overhead projector shadow puppetry
Language(s): English
Personnel: 4
Stage Size: 15' x 12' x 10' (min)
Personnel: 4
Video: NTSC
Description:    4 spicy tales about life in the jungle under the horrible rule of the reigning carnivore, as told by a wily rabbit.

WORKSHOP- Overhead Projection/Shadow Puppetry
 Leader: Stephen Kaplin
Duration: 180-240 minutes
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Max Enrollment Range: 10-20
Puppet Style/Skill Taught: Shadow, overhead projector
Language(s): English
Space Size: Classroom
Personnel: 2
Tech Requirements: Projection screen
Description: Introduction to shadow puppetry techniques both ancient (Chinese style) and modern (on OP).

DESIGN SERVICE- Designer- Stephen Kaplin
Types of Puppets Built: Shadow, rod, Bunraku, hand
Custom and/or Ready-Made Puppets: Custom
Description: All types of puppets, specializing in shadows.