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Citations of Excellence Recipients (2006)
(Recorded Media Category)

 The Vertigo of Sheep

Review Panelists said:
"The direction is particularly outstanding, with every nuance of blocking, pacing and focus well thought out.  Sets, costumes, props and lighting are extremely effective and bring the audience into a world of strange mystery."

"Spectacular integration of movement, music and set design. Both artists were unmatched in their performing skills."

The Vertigo of Sheep
Andrew Kim and Kathy Bradley - Thingumajig Theatre

 Everybody Loves Pirates
Review Panelists said:
"...fresh and hilarious, fast paced and completely entertaining."

“I always die laughing. Great stuff.”

also by Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers...
Legend of the Banana Kid (2008)

The Headless Horeseman of Sleepy Hollow (2012)

Everybody Loves Pirates
Eric, Robin and Brian Torbeck - Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers

 Harlequin’s Cloak

Review Panelists said:
"Luman has generated another puppetry gem. What a wonderful use of set pieces!"

"The story is clear and concise. As the tempo of the action speeds up, so does the level of comedy. This pantomime performance is simply brilliant.  It's almost impossible to believe it is done by only human with only two hands."

also by Coad Canada Puppets...
The Box (1974-75)
Mr. Whipple's Whims
Under the Grasses (1979-80)
Polly (1982-83)
Up Please! (2000)

There's a Dinosaur in My Closet (2008)

Harlequin’s Cloak
Luman Coad - Coad Canada Puppets
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