WORKSHOP- Puppet Film Production
Leader: Steven Ritz-Barr
Duration: 50 hour course
Audience: Adult/University Student
Puppet Style/Skill Taught: The entire process of film production with puppets.
Description: Concept, construction, group story-development, operating, camera placement, lighting, set-design elements, editing, etc, to produce a short group film with each participant equally involved. (The films can be seen on our Vimeo site: We have given this course 4 years at UCLA film dept., So. Oregon University (Ashland), Odradek Puppet Center in Toulouse, France, and at Center for Dramatic Arts in Tunis, Tunisia. Mini workshops have been given in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Lodz, Poland; Prague, Czech Republic; and in Astana, Kazakhstan. We continue to offer these courses and emphasize cross cultural collaboration with an overall mission of enhancing understanding between all cultures. Upcoming projects include collaborations in Tehran, Iran, Tunis, and Poland in 2018-2019.

MINI- WORKSHOPS involving film screenings, lecture-demos, etc., can run from 2-5 hours depending on availability.