Academic Liaison/ Puppet Training- Claudia Orenstein, Chair
Studies and advises on puppet training both in U.S. and abroad

Ad Liaison- Honey Goodenough

Archives- Lindsey Baker
Oversees plans for development and preservation of UNIMA-USA archives.

Bylaws/Procedures- Drew Allison, Chair
Maintains procedures handbook; proposes updates to bylaws; counsels on appropriate procedure

Citations- Marianne Tucker, Chair
Oversees citations; serves as liaison between Board and reviewers.

Conferences, Symposia, & Festival Liaison- Drew Allison, Chair
Oversees development and organization of conferences, symposia, and coordinates UNIMA-USA activities at other puppetry festivals

Development- UNIMA-USA Headquarters
Plans and coordinates fundraising

Electronic Information- Geoffrey Cormier, Chair of Web and Social Media Committee
Oversees development of webpage and distribution via electronic media

Hands Across the Sea- Geoffrey Cormier, Chair
Facilitates informal international exchanges, develops list of people interested in hosting foreign puppeteers. 

Liason to Puppeteers of America- Kurt Hunter, Chair
Gathers/writes and distributes short articles on UNIMA-USA and related activities to PofA publications

Long Range Planning- UNIMA-USA Headquarters
Outlines goals, studies feasibility, develops implementation strategies for the organization's growth.

Membership- Karen Smith, Chair
Tracks membership concerns, oversees membership benefits, works to increase membership

Publications- Kurt Hunter, Chair
Oversees UNIMA-USA publication Puppetry International

Scholarships- Honey Goodenough, Chair
Oversees selection of recipients for puppet training scholarships

UNIMA-USA Ventures & Sales- Honey Goodenough, Chair
Manages UNIMA-USA Ventures, keeping inventory, overseeing retail and wholesale sales, and developing new merchandise