TOURING SHOW- Haiku, HipHop and Hotdogs - Poetry Comes Alive
Duration: 50 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Audience Size: 300
Puppet Style: Tabletop and play board rod puppets, shadow puppets
Language(s): English
Stage Size: 16' x 12' x 12'
Stage Size (meters): 4.5m x 3.5m x 3.5m
Personnel: 2
Video: NTSC
Description: See the world through a little girl's eyes in  Every Time I Climb a Tree! Thrill to the adventures of Fearless Flying Hotdogs! Dance with the Funky Snowman! This exciting new fusion of poetry and puppetry from the award-winning Crabgrass Puppet Theatre includes Jack Prelutsky's The Goblin (these goblins just want to have fun!) as well as poems by X.J. Kennedy, David McCord, Calef Brown and others.  Remember to Keep a Poem in Your Pocket and – above all – Do Not Approach an Emu! This production was funded in part by the Jim Henson Foundation, The Vermont Council of the Arts/National Endowment of the Arts, and the Puppeteers of America Endowment Fund.

TOURING SHOW- Smart and Small Conquers All - Fabulous Folktales from Around the World!
Duration: 40 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Audience Size: 150
Puppet Style: Tabletop rod puppets
Language(s): English
Stage Size: 12' x 9' x 8'
Stage Size (meters): 4m x 3m x 3m
Video: NTSC
Description: Can a turtle win a tug of war with a mighty elephant? Can a tiny mouse help an enormous lion? Can a jackal outwit a terrifying tiger twice his size? Find out as Crabgrass Puppet Theatre travels around the globe to tell stories that show even the small and weak can have a big impact on the world. With beautiful puppets and their signature hilarious style, the award-winning Crabgrass Puppet Theatre presents tales from Africa, Asia and Europe that will inspire and enthrall children of all sizes.

TOURING SHOW- Anansi, Spiderman of Africa!
Duration: 50 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Audience Size: 300
Puppet Style: Tabletop and overhead rod puppets
Language(s): English
Stage Size: 13' x 9.5' x 12'
Stage Size (meters): 4m x 3m x 4m
Personnel: 2
Video: NTSC
Description: Awarded the UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence. Anansi, Spiderman of Africa! Is a side-splitting selection of folktales from Africa starring Anasi the Spider, whose appetite always overrules his intellect. Anansi is one of the classic trickster characters in world folklore. Like his trickster cousins Brer Rabbit, Raven, and Coyote, Anansi is full of schemes that often backfire and leave him worse off than ever. But Anansi never stays down for long--his vitality and irrepressible sense of fun have kept him playing tricks for hundreds of years! These hilarious stories are brought to life by the Crabgrass Puppet Theatre with a dynamic blend of traditional African design, infectious music and fabulous puppetry.