TOURING SHOW-  Rumpelstiltskin
Duration: 45 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Audience Size: 150
Puppet Style: Tabletop
Language(s): English
Stage Size: 16' x 10'
Stage Size (meters): 5m x 3m
Personnel: 2
Description:  Rumpelstiltskin follows the well-known fairy tale about a girl whose father, the Miller, loved her so much that he made up stories about her unusual talents. Truthfulness wasn't something the Miller cared much about, but after he bragged to the king whose treasury coffers were empty, he put his only child into big trouble. His daughter Kathleen had to spin straw into gold or lose her life! Fortunately, an odd-looking stranger jumped straight into the story and offered the help. Accepting help from strangers is always risky business, and that is how it was this time. Fortunately, an odd-looking stranger jumped straight into the story and offered to help…but accepting help from strangers is always risky business! After the king married Kathleen and made her queen, she gave her royal husband a child – but Kathleen was faced with losing it all if she could not pass one more test: finding a well-hidden word…the name of the mysterious stranger.

TOURING SHOW- Jack and the Beanstalk
Duration: 45 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Description: Jack and the Beanstalk is a joyous, original adaptation of the classic tale about poor Jack who went to sell his cow and came home with three magic beans. Jack's daring adventure up the huge beanstalk helps him and his mother out of their difficult financial situation, even if his mother is a bit worried about the moral issues surrounding this unusual way to acquire wealth. The show is created in a Story and Puppet Time format where one performer provides narration and gives voices to the characters and a second performer operates hand puppets, figure puppets, and a marionette, and performs in mask.