The UNIMA-USA Board of Directors is made up of eleven board members, each elected for a term of three years. Three new Directors are elected each year to replace those whose terms have ended. Members can be elected to two consecutive terms, but then must go off the Board before they can be elected again. Vacancies occurring in the Board for any reason can be filled for the remainder of the term by a vote of the majority of the directors then in office.

The Board of Directors meets twice a year, often in conjunction with national puppetry festivals which also facilitates the holding of the Annual Membership Meeting.

The Board of Directors elects and appoints such officers as the Board may determine. No officer may be elected to serve more than two successive terms in the same office.

The Nominating Committee is appointed by the President of the Board and consists of a Chair and two other members. Members of the Committee must be members of UNIMA-USA but cannot be members of the Board.

The Nominating Committee presents a slate of candidates for the Board to the general membership. Other candidates can be presented to the general membership through a petition signed by at least ten members and submitted to the President by December 31. More information can be found in the bylaws of UNIMA-USA, Inc., available from the Membership Office for a nominal fee.