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  Conferences and festivals bring together puppeteers and puppetry enthusiasts from North America and abroad for discussion and performances. Since 1988 UNIMA-USA has co-sponsored many symposia.
2009 Symposium: "Crossing Borders -  Cruzando Fronteras!"
Puppeteers of America Festival, Atlanta, GA
2008 Symposium: "Puppetry and the Projection Screen: Surprising Fusions in Live Animation"
Joint Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regional Festival of the Puppeteers of America, College Park, MD. 
Symposium: "The Global Impact of American Puppetry"
Puppeteers of America Festival, St. Paul, MN
Symposium: "Puppetry Gone Global—East-West Puppet Encounters"
Santa Cruz, CA & Tacoma, WA
Symposium: "Politics and Puppetry—National and International Perspectives" Puppeteers of America Festival, Minneapolis, MN
Symposium: "Islamic Puppetry: Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan and US"
North East-Mid Atlantic Regional Festival, UConn, Storrs, CT
Symposia Sessions: "The Nuts and Bolts of Presenting International
Artists," "Breaking Past the Wall: Marketing Puppetry to the General
Public," "International Collaborations in Puppet Theatre: Success and
Horror Stories from the Trenches"

at the UNIMA Executive Committee/Biennial Council Meetings/Puppets 2002/North American Showcase, at the Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, GA
Symposium: "Experiences and Opportunities for Study Abroad"
Puppeteers of America Festival, Tampa, FL
Symposia Sessions: "The Puppet in Literature and Art," "Forms in
Motion," "Meditations on Man and Machine," "Technology in Performance"
presented and sponsored by the Jim Henson Foundation in conjunction with their International Festival of Puppetry, New York, NY
Symposium: "Building on Tradition"
Puppeteers of America Festival, Seattle, WA
Symposium: "Broad Choices"
with the Jim Henson Foundation in conjunction with the International Festival of Puppetry, New York, NY
Symposium: "Universal Language International Performance: Choosing Materials for International Performing"
Toledo, OH
Symposium: "What Makes a Puppet Play?"
with the Jim Henson Foundation in conjunction with the International Festival of Puppetry Arts, New York, NY
Symposium: "International Touring"
Puppeteers of America Festival, Bryn Mawr, PA
Symposium: "The Theatrical Inanimate"
with the Jim Henson Foundation in conjunction with the International Festival of Puppetry Arts, New York, NY.
Symposium: "The Language of the Puppet" with the
Pacific Puppetry Center/ Tears of Joy Theatre, Vancouver, WA.
Symposium: "The Conference of the Americas" with the
Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, GA.

UNIMA Congresses and
World Puppetry Festivals

2016 Tolosa, Spain
May 30 - June 3

2012 Chengdu, China

2008 Perth, Australia

2004 Opatija and Rijeka, Croatia

2000 Magdeburg, Germany

1996 Budapest, Hungary

1992 Ljubljana, Slovenia

1988 Tokyo, Japan

1984 Dresden, East Germany

1980 Washington, DC, USA

1976 Moscow, USSR

1972 Charlesville-Mezieres, France

1969 Prague, Czechoslovakia

1966 Munich, West Germany

1962 Warsaw, Poland

1960 Bochum & Braunschweig Germany

1958 Bucharest, Romania

The UNIMA XIII Congress & 1980 World Puppetry Festival
UNIMA-USA also provides members with information concerning UNIMA International Congresses, held every four years in various parts of the world. In 1980 the UNIMA XIII Congress and 1980 World Puppetry Festival was held in Washington, D.C., the largest event with which UNIMA-USA has been associated.
Puppeteers from around the world gathered for eight days of performances and discussions that gave many North Americans a unique opportunity to see international puppeteers in this country. The Congress was brought here largely through the efforts of the late Jim Henson, a past president of this organization.

The EXCHANGE CULTURAL COMMISSION of UNIMA in collaboration with a number of International Puppet Festivals, now offers scholarships for UNIMA members to attend International Festivals.

Scholarship recipient to Edinburgh!
A new scholarship is awarded
Marsian DeLellisOur newest scholarship recipient, Marsian DeLellis, has just finished his second year of MFA study at CalArts culminating in May with a workshop production of Growing Up Linda, a puppet play he wrote, directed, designed and built puppets for. With the assistance of his UNIMA Scholarship Marsian will be taking the show to Scotland in August to participate in the "Edinburgh Festival Program," a residency & workshop held in collaboration between the Royal Scottish and Royal Welsh Academies of Music and Drama and the California Institute for the Arts in conjunction with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

"The Edinburgh Festival Theater Program aims to foster on-going international artist relationships and professional enrichment through  theatre practice. In addition to the networking and connections likely to be made during a residency-workshop such as this, I hope to get hands on training in what it takes to make a long form puppet piece  transportable for touring, including the development of the necessary self-producing, marketing and fund-raising skills. I look forward to splashing onto the world stage, converging with emerging theatre artists coming from a diversity of perspectives, tastes and geographies, all with the common purpose of forming a company and performing our shows in repertoire at Venue 13. "  - Marsian

UNIMA-USA is proud to have been able to support Marsian's global puppetry training!

If you would like to be considered for an UNIMA-USA scholarship - applications are due December 31st

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