RESIDENT SHOW- Princess, the Frog, and the Pea
Duration: 35 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Dates: In repertoire
Showtimes: 11:00 a.m.
Description: A funny blend of classic fairy tales performed with table-top puppets.


TOURING SHOW- Vegetable's Destiny
Duration: 45 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Audience Size: 150
Puppet Style: Road, toy theatre
Language(s): English
Stage Size: 4' x 5' x 2'
Personnel: 1
Video: NTSC
Description: A musical drama about the lives of vegetables.


WORKSHOP-  Puppet Playgroups
Leader: Liz Joyce
Duration: 60 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Max Enrollment Range: 15 families
Puppet Style/Skill Taught: For very young children
Language: English
Personnel: 1
Video: NTSC
Description: Music, games, and a puppet show for children three years and younger (and their grown-ups).