TOURING SHOW- The Singalong Show
Duration: 50 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Audience Size: 150-200
Puppet Style: Mouth, hand, shadow, and rod
Language(s): English
Stage Size: 20' x 10' x 12'
Personnel: 1
Video: Yes
Description: Join John Paul George and his singing dog Ringo as they embark on a musical road trip, passing the time by singing about places they've been and the things they've seen! Featuring songs from BINGO, Wheels on the Bus, Do Your Ears Hang Low, and more!

TOURING SHOW- The Stinky Cheese Man
Duration: 50 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Dates: March 18-26, 2016
Showtime(s): Mon.-Thurs. at 10am, Fri. at 10am & 12pm, Sat. at 11am & 2pm, Sun. at 2pm
Description: Adapted from the wildly popular book by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, this rip-roaring fairy-tale adventure is loads of fun for all ages. You'll have fun with Jack, the narrator, as he takes you through the twists and turns of this wacky tale, which contains zany versions of storybook classics!

DESIGN SERVICE- Designer- Mike Horner
Types of Puppets Built: Mouth, rod, hand, shadow, glove, table top, parade, and marionettes
Type of Sets: Sets, props, and scenery