The Board of Directors elects the President from among it members. 
Since incorporation as UNIMA-USA, Inc., Past Presidents have been:

1979-80 Jim Henson

1981 Frank Ballard

1982-83 Jim Gamble

1984-85 Peter Zapletal

1986-87 Mel Helstein

1988-89 Carol Sterling

1990-91 Donald Devet

1992-93 Michael Nelson

1994-96 Mark Levenson

1997-99 Joann Siegrist

2000-02 Randel McGee

2003-05 Marianne Tucker

2006-08 Gretchen Van Lente

2009-10 Karen Smith

2011-13 Lynn Jeffries

2014 Marianne Tucker

2015 Blair Thomas

2016-17 Manuel Morn

2017-18 Kathy Foley

The General Secretaryis appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors for a period of four years. 
Since incorporation in 1979 they have been:

1992-Present: Vincent Anthony

1978-92: Allelu Kurten

1966-78: Mollie Falkenstein