The State Puppet Theatre Banialuka-Poland
A Notion of Festival by Ted Killmer
The International Festival of Puppet Theatre ’04 by Robert Boyd
Solo Artist-Hiochi Okamoto
Catching Shadows-Teatro Gioco Vita
Suzy Ferris, A Painter
Larry Reed
Velo Theatre
Symposia: compiled by Rachel Elfenbein
1992- Keynote Address by Henryk Jurkowski;

A Sampling of International Festivals

1992 Symposium Sessions
1994 Panels-The Symposia Series by Leslee Asch
Exhibit: Revealing Roots by Kerry McCarthy
Profile: Woyzeck on the Highveld by Margaret Heinlen
Interview: Fred Curchack-interview by Rachel Elfenbein
The Radicality of Puppet Theatre by Peter Schumann
Jan Svankmajer: An Alchemist of the Surreal by Michael O’Pay
Symbolic Theatres in Turn-of-the-Century Paris by John Bell
Puppetry into the Next Millenium by Stephen Kaplin