Welcome to Puppetry International in Translation.

This is the first of what we hope will be many of our back issues to be translated into languages other than English. It is another project to further the goals of UNIMA: to foster international friendship and understanding through the art of puppetry.

We begin with PI #28: The North American Issue.

We have received support for this project from the North American Commission of UNIMA, and we would like to thank its president, Manuel Morán, along with the rest of the Commission members for making this possible. 

We also thank the board of UNIMA-USA for their encouragement in this work, to our Webmaster/Consultant for Electronic Media Donald Devet, to all of the authors for their permission to reprint and to our translators.

For the original print edition, many articles were first written in Spanish or French and translated into English. The North American Commission also provided resources at that time. We hope eventually to have all the articles in all three languages, making it available to a majority of readers in North and South America.

We need more volunteer translators! Why not crowd source the translation? Get some of your bilingual friends together and each take one page of an article. Would you like to see an article in Portuguese, say, or Farsi, Russian, or Mandarin—translate it and send it to us; eventually we hope to make that available online as well. 

We will be posting links to individual articles so that they can be read more easily on other devices.

For now, though, we are happy to have made a start, making the articles in Puppetry International available to a broader audience.  We hope it is useful to you. Please let us know what you think.

Sincerely Yours, Andrew and Bonnie Periale, aperiale@gmail.com
Editor and Designer of
Puppetry International magazine

Puppetry International #28 – The North American Issue


1.  Illegal Immigration on Stage… and for Children?/
Inmigración Ilegal en Escena Para Niños
by/por Manuel A. Morán Martinez, Ph. D.

2.  Casteliers: Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?/
Casteliers: D’où venons-nous? Qui sommes nous? Où allons-nous?
by/par Louise Lapointe

3.  Montreal: The new professional training program in the arts of puppetry/
Montréal: le nouveau programme de formation professionnelle dans les arts de la marionnette
by/par Marthe Adam

4.  Teaching Directing in the Puppetry Program at UQAM/                  
Enseignement de mettre en scène dans le programme Marionnette à l'UQAM    
by/par Irina Niculescu

5.  Cuban Puppeteers in the Republic : Renovation or Dream?/        
Títiriteros cubanos en la república:¿renovación o sueño?                                          
by/por Rubén Dario Salazar

6. Títeretada and Sobre la Mesa: The phenomenon of adult puppetry in Puerto Rico/
Tíiteritada y Sobre la Mesa: El fenómeno de los títeres para adultos en Puerto Rico,
by/por Deborah Hunt

7.  An Overview of Puppet Theater in Puerto Rico: Past, Present and Future/
Panorama del teatro de títeresen Puerto Rico: pasado, presente y future            
by/por Manuel A. Morán Martinez, Ph. D.

8.  A Brief History of Puppetry in Mexico/                              
Memorial de los títeres en México                                        
by/por Francisca Miranda Silva

9.  Puppets in Mexico and the New Generations/                          
Los títeres en México y las nuevas generaciones                          
by/por César Tavera Z.

10.  Native American Puppetry/                                          
Títeres Amerindios e Inuit/                                                   
Marionnettes Amérindiennes et Inuit                           
by/por/par Nancy Lohman Staub