Editorial Pages- Celebrating Anniversaries by Andrew Periale
Jim Henson and the Future of Puppetry by Cheryl Henson
Puppets in Social Media by Ken Pfeiste
Werewere Liking—Traditions for Africa's Future by Heather Jeanne Denyer
UConn Visions by Robert Blush
Enhancing Medical Education with Puppetry by Honey Goodenough
Where Will Puppets Go? by Manuel Antonio Morán
Puppets Being Themselves by Janie Geiser
Toy Theater Trains Future Directors by Jessica Thebus
Bunraku Meets Vocaloid by Jyana S. Browne
Making Chairs in Iran by Andrea Balis and Theodora Skipitares
Puppet Notebook –Out of the Archives by Eleanor Margolies
Let's Get Siliconized! by Tom McLaughlin
The Courtship of Bil Baird by Susanna Baird
Festival in Taiwan, review by Sha Sha Higby
Puppet and the Modern, review by Bradford Clark
Sicilian Epic and the Marionette Theater, review by Bradford Clark
Routledge Companion, review by Blair Thomas