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WAYANG The Tree of Life/Cosmic Mountain by Kathy Foley/Karen Smith
Performing Wayang Internationally by Matthew Isaac Cohen
Religious Performance in Java by Joko Susilo
Seperti Sangut by Kristin Haverty
Wayang Bocor by Marianna Lis
My Life with Shadows by Larry Reed
Wayang Golek Lenong Betawi and Tizar Purbaya by Karen Smith
Wayang Kelantan Beyond Borders by Kathy Foley
Wayang and Political Islam in Malaysia by William F. Condee
Wayang Greek Myths by I Nyomen Sedana
A Letter from Oz by Peter J. Wilson
Wayang Sasak by David Harnish  

The Picturesque & Mechanical Theater of Peter Blancan by Ryan Howard
Ety Fefer's Grumildos, review by Theresa Smalec
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