Editorial by Andrew Periale

“Material Witness” to the Muppets by Bonnie Erickson
“On Material”: From Birch Bark to Bunraku by John Farrell
Painted Scrolls: Natural Dyes & Materials in India by Atasi Nanda Goswami
Clay, Paper and Paint as Tools and Weapons by Peter Schumann
The Raw Materials of Inner Landscapes by Philippe Genty
Felt: The Alchemy of Fiber by Heidi Rugg
Mend-All by Nicolas Coppola
The Puppet as Material Allegory by Felice Amato
The Roser Papier Methode by Bart. P. Roccoberton, Jr.
Exploring the Uncanny in Paper by Rebekah Caputo
Carved Foam by Hobey Ford
Tyvek: An Investigation of Form & Content by Margarita Blush
Puppet Souls (in Muslin) by David Lane and Peter Balkwill
Savoring the Salt Crystal by Lisa Aimee Sturz

Performance: Salt of the Earth review by Sarah Lucie
New Books by Buonanno, Rixford and Kopania, reviews by John Bell
Peter Blancan Part II by Ryan Howard