Puppetry in the Third Reich by Hanne Tierney
Puppetry in Post-Revolution Indonesia by Tamara Fielding
The May Day Parades by John Bell
Dangerous Theatre from the WPA by Lynnie Raybuck
The Forgotten Yun Gee and the Federal Theater Project by Seunghei Hong
Puppetry and Early TV Commercials by Leslee Asch
Free Radicals: The Puppetistas by Liz Joyce
National Puppetry Festival 2001 by Justin Kasse
Puppetry in Chile by Carolyn Roark
New Noh in the Wilds of Maine by Andrew Periale
Toy Theatre Museum by Jan Meisssner
Strings, Hands, Shadows by Stephen Kaplin
Theater der Zeit by Hanne Tierney
The Complete Book of Puppetry by Andrew Perial
Shadow Play-an artist book by Andrew Periale