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2016 UNIMA Grant Application DUE

The UNIMA Professional Training Commission can offer grants to students in puppetry in order to follow a course or a workshop with one of the puppetry schools or programs.


Application Form:

Grants for 2016

The Profesionnal Training Commission is glad to announce the list of the workshops that it would support for 2016.

The candidates must fill out and send the application form before November 27th, 2015 and have to choose one of the courses or workshops listed here below:

- Bunraku Puppet Building Training, conducted by Thomas Lundqvist, in the Compagnie Arketal (France)

- The Shadow and its Double - Role, techniques and functions of the body-object in the contemporary shadow theatre, in the Teatro Gioco Vita (Italy)

- The unusual body - Theatre of animation, workshop with Miguel Vellinho - Cia PeQuod (RJ) Brazil, in the Espaço de residência Artística Vale Arvoredo (Brasil)

- The National Puppetry Conference - Summer 2016, in the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center (USA)

- Summer workshop "Puppets and Magic" en el IIM - Institut International de la Marionnette (France)