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Puppet Workshop June 25- July 3, 2016 Morinesio/Italy

Dear friends and previous attendees of the Morinesio Puppet Workshop,

We are delighted to let you know that we will do our next session in 2016 with Alex & Sophia and wanted to keep you posted as soon as possible.

It would be fantastic to welcome you again and the ones that have had interest in the past but could not make it yet to our little paradise and to share with you the joy of puppeteering as well as the Italian way of life which you might still remember a bit – and hopefully wanting more of it. Find following the details of the workshop and the further information in the attached PDF files. It would be great if you could also distribute the information of the attached flyer wherever you see fit to spread the word. Here is the information about the Workshop:

The planned dates of the workshop are Saturday June 25 until Sunday July 3, 2015 with arrival on Friday June 24th.

The cost of the workshop includes:

1.      Workshop fee

2.      Lodging (price dependent on single, double or shared accommodation)

3.      Meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner incl. local wine)

4.      Occitan dancing lessons (depending on number of participants)

5.      Festa participation

6.      Local sightseeing (cheese farm, hair museum, and local transportation)

7.      Pizza & bread baking in ancient community wood oven

Costs not included in the workshop are:

-- Transportation to/from Morinesio (flights/taxi transfer from/to the airport – either Nice or Turin)

Based on the kind of accommodation the price ranges from around 2,290 - to 3,290 Euros per participant.

There is a 1,000 Euro (about 1,250 US$) enrollment deposit required to get a confirmed participation.

You can enroll via email with us and we will provide you with any further information. We are already getting the first enrollments and if you were interested in the lower fees, it would be very good to enroll asap. 

Minimum attendance of 10 participants. If less than 10 are enrolled by April 1, 2016 the workshop may be cancelled and enrollment deposits would be refunded.

You can also use our website under apartments to get some impressions about the accommodation and the beauty of the area. There you will also find the details about the workshop under special events.

  • An important item may be the possibility to go for the early bird booking discount

    • of   10% by booking prior to January 15th, 2016.

    • Of    5% by booking prior to February 1st, 2016


      Please use also the web sites of Sophia Michahelles & Alex Kahn, the artists running the workshop, under  and to get further details about the puppet production during the workshop and the background of this annual event.

      You can also direct any questions to them regarding the puppet production, themes etc.

      If you need any further information about prices, travel etc., do not hesitate to let us know.  

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Kind regards

      Christa Gaebler

      Frz. Morinesio 89, I-12020 Stroppo, CN, Italia

Fon +39-0171-999303  &