Duration: 1 hour
Audience: Children/Family
Dates: TBA
Showtimes: TBA
Description: Interactive shows such as: Group Soup, Anansi the Spider, It Could Be Worse based on folktales.

MUSEUM EXHIBIT- Folktales Around the World
Dates: On long-term display
Duration: 2 hours
Audience: Children/Family
Dates: By Appointment
Hours of Operation: By Appointment
Description: Tours and workshops can be scheduled on weekends and/or holidays.

WORKSHOP- Literacy Through the Arts
Leaders:    Xun Ye and Tova Ackerman
Duration: 2 hours/ multiple days
Audience: Children/Family
Max Enrollment Range: 20-30
Puppet Style/Skill Taught: Shadow, rod, hand
Language(s): English, Mandarin, Spanish
Experience: N/A
Space Size: Classroom
Personnel: 2
Description: Connecting core curriculum to the arts- puppetry and stop motion animation.