TOURING SHOW- Made in China
Duration: 80 minutes
Audience: Adult
Audience Size: 200-500
Puppet Style: Hand & Rod, Bunraku, Chinese Hand, Full Body, Large-Scale
Language(s): English
Stage Size: 20' w x 20' d
Personnel: 11
Video: PAL
Description: A darkly comedic puppet musical inspired by true events, MADE IN CHINA is a fantastical exploration of human righs, consumerism, and American-Chinese relations as told through the unlikely love story between an odd middle-aged American woman and her chinese ex-pat neighbor. Baby pandas, dancing appliances, and romping middle-aged lovers populate Wakka Wakka's universe of tiny-t0-huge puppets, belting out original songs. As with climate change in Baby Universe (2010) and the global financial crisis in Saga (2013), the company spins issues of our times into a vastly entertaining tale with surreal dimensions, lots of laughs, and powerful take-aways.

TOURING SHOW- Baby Universe (A Puppet Odyssey)
Duration: 70 minutes
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Audience Size: 100-500
Puppet Style: Hand & rod, Bunraku, full body
Language(s): English
Stage Size: 25' w x 20' d
Personnel: 7
Video: NTSC
Description: In the face of imminent destruction at the hands of an angry, dying sun, humankind turns to their last hope for salvation: Baby Universe 7001.

Duration: 65 minutes
Audience: Adult
Audience Size: 500 max
Puppet Style: Hand & rod, miscellaneous
Language(s): English
Personnel: 5
Video: NTSC
Description: A docu-fable about a Norwegian Jew set in the 1930s.

WORKSHOP- Object/Puppetry
Leader: Gwendolyn Warnock
Duration: 1 hour - 15 hours
Audience: Adult
Enrollment: 30
Puppet Style/Skill Taught: Object manipulation, hand & rod
Language(s): English
Space Size: Minimum room size: 30' x 30'
Experience: Basic theatre
Personnel: 2
Description: An introduction to object manipulation and puppeteering.