TOURING SHOW- The Case of the Missing Birthday
Duration: 30-35 minutes
Audience: Children (ages 2-6)/Family
Audience Size: 20-60
Puppet Style: Hand Puppets
Language(s): English
Stage Size: 4'
Personnel: 2
Description: When a birthday goes missing, only one detective is clever enough, brave enough, and smart enough to solve the case - Mystery Max! Of course, he'll need your help, too! Join Max on a wild adventure to find Nancy's missing birthday. Along the way we'll meet crazy characters, make new friends, sing songs and find clues. Whodunit? BONUS- Book a "Make Your Own Puppet" workshop, and every child at your party will go home with two custom puppets.

TOURING SHOW- Little Red Riding Hood
Duration: 45 minutes
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Language(s): English
Description: Little Red is sent into the big woods to deliver a basket of goodies to her sick Grandmother but is hounded by a hungry wolf who wants the basket for himself. Will Little Red be able to outsmart the wolf and save her Grandmother? The wolf is not overly scary, but children under 3 may be too young for this tale. Little Red has been presented at numerous venues, including: The Orlando Puppet Festival, The Puppet Showplace Theater (Boston, MA), The Clockworks Puppet Theatre (Brooklyn, NY), The Free Library of Philadelphia, Theater for the New City as part of the Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival (New York, NY), Tavern on the Green (Central Park, NYC), Long Island Children's Museum, Sandglass Theater (Putney, VT), Various Schools (NY & FL)

TOURING SHOW- Esther Saves the Day - A Purim Shpiel
Duration: 45 minutes
Audience: Children/Family
Language(s): English
Description: When the evil Haman threatens the Jews of Persia, it's up to the brave Esther and her clever uncle Mordecai to save the day! Beauty contests, a forgetful King and a lottery of DOOM comprise the traditional story of Purim, based on the Book of Esther. Can our heroes unravel Haman's plot in time, or will all the Jews of Persia be destroyed? Go, Esther, Go!