Christopher Williams, interview
Integrity Designworks/Wasau Dance Theatre
Wayang Wong by Kathy Foley
Dutch Treat: Pavia and Quade
Walking Naked by Matthew Cohen and Rolande Duprey
Genty and Underwood
Buyo’s Ningyo-Buri by Larry Kominz
Vancouver Moving Theatre
Heinrich von Kleist by Hanne Tierney
Snappy Dance by Bonnie Duncan
Notes on Dance and Puppetry by Steve Abrams
"Coda,” from the New Book by Eileen Blumenthal
West African Puppets and Masks

Unconscious Grace by John Bell

Book: Eileen Blumenthal’s Puppetry: A World History review by John Bell
DVDs: "Pioneers of Puppetry” review by Mark Levenson

A Master Class with Albrecht Roser by Robin Walsh
From UConn to NPC, Aki’s Rose Blossoms by Rolande Duprey