In Search of the World's Smallest Puppetry
Laura Heit Plays with Matches by Susan Simpson
Ken Feit: Small Rememberances by S. Kaplin, et al.
A Miniature Puppet Opera by Rolande Duprey
Redmoon's "Once Upon a Time" by Seth Bockley
Tiny Ninja Shakespeare by Erika T. Lin
Robert Anton's Shoebox World by Jennifer Stoessner
• PDF DOWNLOAD: Anton's footnotes, Anton's bibliography
Microscopic Hints
Bernd Ogrodnik, Sirppa Sivori-Asp, Ines Zellar Bass,
Mabou Mines, Midropodium, Bolex Brothers, Gumby,
Catherine Sombsthay, "Cooper, Heimstead & Yew" and more!
Book Reviews
New Puppet Books, reviews by John Bell
Paul McPharlin and the Puppet Theater, review by Brad Clark
George Latshaw in Puerto Rico by Manuel Moran
• PDF DOWNLOAD: George Latshaw: Establishing a Tradition of Puppetry in Puerto Rico by Manuel A. Morán, Ph.D.