Nabil Bahgat’s Egyptian Shadows by Laurie McCants
Eric Ruin—Puppet Punk by Morgan FP. Andrews
Moscow’s Fabulous Epelbaums by John Freedman
Eye of Light by Stephen Kaplin WEB EXTRA
In Xanadu—poetry by Linda Ehrlich WEB EXTRA
Shadowgraphy by Beth Kattelman
London’s Chinese Shades by Dassia Posner
Light by Kate Brehm
Innovations in Thai Shadow Theatre by Kevin Brown WEB EXTRA
A Balinese Tempest by Jacqueline Romeo WEB EXTRA
The Ritualistic Shadows of Hunan by Fan Pen Chen WEB EXTRA
Skipitares Takes Greek Myths to India by Lauren Hobbs Sexton WEB EXTRA
Italy’s Gioco Vita—The Shadow’s Space by Fabrizio Montecchi

Teaching through Shadows by Brigitte Rivelli
Puppet Festival in Montreal by Irina Niculescu
Metaphysic Tradition in Shadow Theatre by John Bell

The Career of Bob and Judy Brown (J. Bell)
Morpurgo’s War Horse by Mervyn Miller ( J. Bell)
Kermit Culture (J. Stoessner)
In Praise of Shadows (S. Abrams)