Ronnie Burkett: Finding Hope by Dawn Tracey Brandes
Contacting Puppets by Penny Francis
Bearded, Naked Men of Old Trout by David Lane
The Feast, an intimate Tempest by Sara Boland-Taylor
Lending Expression, a conversation with Amber & Zeb West
"Co-Presence" by Dr. Paul Piris
Useless Discoveries: Cryptid Theatre & "The Burrow" by Alexander Winfield
Puppets Dancing, Dancing Puppets by Linda Ehrlich
Mr. Punch the Trickster God by Carolyn Roark
Performance: Opus No. 7 by Claudia Orenstein
Books: Mexican Masks & Puppets by Andrew Periale
Gordon Craig, le Chat Noir, & Dolls by John Bell
Video: Wayne White Documentary by Andrew Periale