Editorial by Andrew Periale

Special Section: Therapy with Puppets
“And then they Spoke;” Trauma in Haiti by Kathryn Mullen
Rehearsing Resilience by Raven Kaliana
Adolescents in Conflict with the Law by Larisa Telnova
Finding one’s Voice by Meredith Carver
ENAM: A School for Social Integration by Richard Bouchard
Shadows Bring Light to the Impaired Elderly by Joanne Ousseren
“Dr. Puppet”: Psychological Aid for Sick Children by Gref, Sokolova and Slonimskaya
Inclusive Puppet Theatre by Konstantin Mekhryakov
Performing Objects in Palliative Care by Riku Laakkonen

   Constructing the Viennese Modern Body by Nathan J. Timpano, review by Jungmin Song
   Journey of a Goddess by Fan Pen Li Chen, review by John Bell
   Potehi Glove Puppet Theatre and Wayang Potehi of Java reviews by Bradford Clark
   Hamlet Cantabile by Jieun Lee
   Indian Puppets at the CPA by John Bell
   KORAT International Youth Puppet Festival by Claudia Orenstein