Editorial by Andrew Periale

Special Section: Intangible Cultural Heritage

ICH and American Puppetry by Kathy Foley
ICH and UNIMA by Nancy Lohman Staub
Puppetry’s Tangible Intangibility by Annie Katsura Rollins
Korean Traditional Puppetry and ICH by Kyounghye Kwon
Meet Joe Parsonnage by Greg Pellone [EXTENDED ARTICLE]
Richard Hunt and the National Puppetry Conference by Jessica Max Stein
Michael Meschke in South- and Southeast Asia by Andrew Periale
Jesus Caballero revives a Baroque Tradition, interview by Esther Fernandez
Kheimeh Shab Bazi – Tent Theater by Neda Izadi [EXTENDED ARTICLE]

Response to PI #44 Puppetry and Social Justice by Mark Levenson

Gary Jones, Kungsholm Memoir, and Paul V. Davis, Art of Puppetry, review by John Bell
Fan Pen Li-Chen, Marionette Plays from Northern China, review by Kathy Foley
Wes Sanders and Debra Wise, Underground Railway Theater, review by Nancy L. Staub

New Documentary on Caribbean Puppetry, review by Kathy Foley

NYC Fringe, review by Karen Smith
Chicago International Puppet Festival, review by Meghanne Barker
Puppet International Festival, Meppel, Netherlands, review by Colette Searls