by Andrew Periale

Y2K has undoubtedly been over sold as an event of cosmic- or technological significance. That the stroke of midnight at year's end should sound the death knell of all computer-driven systems, I am sure is untrue. That it should mark the "End of the World," I hope is untrue. Here at the Puppetry International offices (... office... well, more of a spare bedroom, actually), we view Y2K (or "aughty-aught," as we prefer to call it) as a swell excuse for a party, and as the beginning of the era of two issues of Puppetry International each year, instead of the customary, pre-aughty-aught single annual issue! For those of you getting PI as a premium of membership in UNIMA-USA, you will continue to enjoy the ever-growing services and publications which the organization offers. Those who get PI at the newsstand will see an increase in the cost of a single issue, but there are now SUBSCRIPTION RATES for the magazine which will match or beat the old pre-aughtyaught price!

Our focus in this issue is on the education and professional training of puppeteers- in Japan, Poland, France and the U,S., as well as through the international meetings and exchanges which will exert, we believe, ever more of an influence on post aughty-aught culture worldwide.

You will also find reviews of some fabulous books, and a consideration of Roman Paska's puppetry in John Turturro's brilliant new film, Illuminata.

Our wish at the end of this year, as ever, is that more people may live in peace in the new year. The goal of the organization behind this publication is that puppetry itself be an instrument of this peace.