lllegal Immigration? A Mexican Pinocchio by Manuel Moran
Lou Harrison: Sounding the Puppet Art by Kathy Foley
Casteliers: the Québecoise Cultural Scene by Louise Lapoint
Professional Training in Montreal by Marthe Adam
Training includes Directing by Irina Niculescu
Cuban Puppeteers in the Republic by Rubén Dario Salazar
Adult Puppetry in Puerto Rico by Deborah Hunt
Overview of Puppetry in Puerto Rico by Manuel Moran
Puppetry in Mexico by Francisca Miranda Silva
Mexico: the New Generations by César Tavera
UNIMA Citations by Marianne Tucker
Native American Puppetry by Nancy Lohman Staub
WEB EXTRA North America by Steve Abrams
WEB EXTRA Tateali, An Offer of Artistic Awareness by Mtra. Rosa Carolina Gonzalez de la Torre  and Lic. Leticia Jasso Pérez
Frank Ballard—American Puppet Renaissance by John Bell
UConn Puppeteers by Rolande Duprey

The Italian Puppet Theater, McCormick (J. Bell)
WEB EXTRA !Viva Pinocho! A Mexican Pinocchio (K. Smith)