TOURING SHOW- Folds of Gold
Duration: 30-55 minutes
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Audience Size: 50-100
Puppet Style: Human puppet, marionette, rod, small dolls
Language: English, Japanese, Indonesian
Stage Size: 12' x 10' x 10'
Stage Size: (meters) 3.7m x3.7m x 3.1m
Personnel: 2

RESIDENT SHOW- Folds of Gold
Duration: 60 minutes
Audience: Children/Family/Adult

WORKSHOP- Wiggling Heads on a Stick
Leader: Sha Sha Higby
Duration: 3 hours
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Max Enrollment Range: 15
Puppet Style/Skill Taught: Caste a simple head on a stick
Language(s): English, Japanese
Experience: None
Space Size: Standard school room
Technical Requirements: Water, space to provide tables, tarp, 2 buckets of water, used yogurt containers, spatula, small saw, CD player
Personnel: 2