Great Arizona Puppet Theater (Phoenix)

Sha Sha Higby / Sculptural Costume (Bolinas)
Jennings Puppeteers (Chula Vista)
Folkmanis, Inc. • NEW MEMBER • (Emeryville)
Jim Gamble Puppet Productions (Harbor City)
Last Saturday Theater (Hermosa Beach)
Bob Baker Marionette Theater (Los Angeles)
EverWitt Productions, LLC  • NEW MEMBER • (Mission Viejo)
Piccolo Puppet Players (Oakland)
International Puppetry Museum (Pasadena)
1 World Music and Puppets (Pomona)
Animal Cracker Conspiracy (San Diego)
Spinning Wheel Players (San Diego)
ShadowLight Productions (San Francisco)
Independent Eye (Sebastopol)
Magical Moonshine Theatre / Little Blue Moon Theatre (Vallejo)

Sova Dance & Puppet Theater  • NEW MEMBER • (Ridgefield)
Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry (Storrs)

Andrew's Marionette (DeLand)
Bits 'N Pieces Puppet Theatre (Dover)
IBEX Puppetry (Orlando)
Katie Adams' Make Believe Theater (Tampa)
Puppetry Arts Center of the Palm Beaches (West Palm Beach)
Center for Puppetry Arts (Atlanta)
Blair Thomas & Company (Chicago)
Make Me a Puppet Chicago (Chicago)
Rough House Theater • NEW MEMBER •  (Chicago)
Squallis Puppeteers  • NEW MEMBER • (Louisville)
Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers (Bar Harbor)
Figures of Speech Theatre (Freeport)
Mayo Street Arts (Portland)
Black Cherry Puppet Theater (Baltimore)
Red Ball Theater • NEW MEMBER • (Baltimore)
Silly Goose & Val (Cockeysville)
The Puppet Co. Playhouse (Glen Echo)
Crescent Moon Karagoz Shadow Puppet Theater (Reisterstown)
Blue Sky Puppet Theatre (University Park)
Herring Run Productions (Bourne)
Puppet Showplace Theater (Brookline)
Dream Tale Puppets (Falmouth)
The Gottabees (Jamacia Plain)
Tanglewood Marionettes (Ware)

PuppetART / Detroit Puppet Theater (Detroit)
Cooperfly Puppet Troupe  • NEW MEMBER • (Grand Rapids)
My Air Productions  • NEW MEMBER • (Whitehall)
In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre (Minneapolis)
Open Eye Figure Theatre (Minneapolis)
Woodland Puppets (Minneapolis)
The Hunter Marionettes (St. Louis Park)
Puppetry Arts Institute (Independence)
Mesner Puppet Theater (Kansas City)
New Hampshire
Perry Alley Theatre (Strafford)
New Jersey
Puppet Heap, LLC (Hoboken)
Dr. Neff's Incredible Puppet Co., Inc. (Monroeville)
Pink Flamingo Puppets • NEW MEMBER • (Teaneck)
New Mexico
Loren Kahn Puppet & Object Theatre (Albuquerque)

New York
WonderSpark Puppets (Astoria)
Movement Theater Studio, NYC • NEW MEMBER • (Brooklyn)
Puppetry in Practice (Brooklyn)
Wakka Wakka Productions (Brooklyn)
Evolve Company (Great Neck)
The Puppet Company (Huntington)
Chinese Theatre Works (Jackson Heights)
The Jim Henson Foundation (Long Island City)
Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre (New York City)
City Parks Foundation/Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre (New York City)
Flexitoon (New York City)
The Puppetry Guild of Greater New York  • NEW MEMBER • (New York City)
Tandem Otter Productions  • NEW MEMBER • (New York City)
Teatro SEA • (New York City)
Goat on a Boat Puppet Theatre (Sag Harbor)
Puppets by Gwen • NEW MEMBER • (Yonkers)
North Carolina
Red Herring Puppets (Asheville)
Sweetgum Puppets (Greensboro)

Madcap Puppets • NEW MEMBER • (Cincinnati)

Oregon Shadow Theatre (Portland)

Tucker's Tales Puppet Theatre (Abington)
Theatre of the Stars (Phoenixville)
Owlsong Productions, Inc.  • NEW MEMBER • (Springfield)
South Carolina
Columbia Marionette Theatre (Columbia)
Grey Seal Puppets, Inc. (McClellanville)
Aristree / Wood & Strings Theatre (Centerville)
The Huber Marionettes (Cookeville)
Threadbare Theatre (Ft. Worth)
Puppet Pizzazz (Houston)
Castlebridge Players (San Antonio)
Saints and Poets Production Company (Colchester)
Sandglass Theater (Putney)
Crabgrass Puppet Theatre (W. Brattleboro)
Bread & Puppet Theater (West Glover)
Barefoot Puppets Theatre (Richmond)
Northwest Puppet Center / Carter Family Marionettes (Seattle)
Puppetlandia  • NEW MEMBER • (Seattle)
Thistle Theatre (Seattle)
West Virginia
West Virginia University School of Theatre and Dance (Martinsburg)

Other Countries and Territories

David Smith Marionettes (Kingston, Ontario)
Théâtre de l'Oeil (Montreal, Quebec)
Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia (Windsor, Nova Scotia)
Grego Musical Puppets (Saitama)

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