TOURING SHOW- The Art of the Mask
Duration: 45 minutes
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Audience Size: 190
Puppet Style: Mask and movement with hand puppets and fabric veil.
Stage Size: 15' X 9' X 15'
Language(s): English and nonverbal
Personnel: 1
Video: No
Description: Performance/Presentation where audience engages their own imagination to create meaning and understanding of the images seen moving, transforming, and dancing onstage. We can transcend language barriers when drama comes to life with the use of masks in this thrilling presentation.

WORKSHOP- Frogs Make Me Hoppy
Leader: Adelka Polak
Duration: 1 hour - 120 minutes
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Enrollment: 30 per session
Puppet Style/Skill Taught: Hand puppet/mask construction and dance integration
Language(s): English
Space Size: Minimum room size: 20' x 20' suggested
Experience: Suitable for ages 3-103
Tech requirement: Access to outlet for PA system
Personnel: 1 to 3
Video: No
Description: "FMMH" is a series of workshops where we learn about frogs' habits throughout the seasons. Participants create frog puppets/masks in the classroom that get us moving to music with hops, jumps, sounds, and dramatic surprise. Learn about wildlife using rhythm, dance, puppetry, and drama!

Location: Site-specific in forest or natural landscape
Audience: Children/Family/Adult
Duration: Varies (Residency)
Description: Multi-day workshop series in order to create a collaborative original piece of theatre, utilizing the natural world as our stage, sun as our lights, and elements of the forest to construct our puppets.