The UNIMA Commission for Professional Training (International chapter) grant: 
The applicants should choose one of the workshops or courses on the list and apply on UNIMA.org.

The UNIMA-USA Scholarship: 
Applicants should propose a workshop of their choice which takes place in a different country than the USA.

The UNIMA-USA scholarship program is intended to help cover tuition fees for American puppeteers who wish to study puppetry outside the U.S. Applicants should be puppeteers who have some professional experience, who have a university degree in puppetry, or who can otherwise demonstrate a serious commitment to the art form. 

Over the past several years, UNIMA has also given scholarships for study in an ever-widening number of places, including the Institut Internationale de la Marionnette in Charleville-Mezieres, France; the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, England; the International Summer Academy in Stuttgart, Germany; and Puppets in Prague. The working knowledge of another language might be necessary to fully participate in some programs. 

Candidates may use their scholarship at any time of the year, depending on when the courses are being offered. Puppetry training may be undertaken with either a recognized puppetry professional or a professional program outside the U.S. In some cases, an international puppet festival may be considered as a professional program. 

Currently UNIMA-USA's scholarship is $1,000. 

Candidates should be aware that they are responsible for the remaining costs (airfare, lodging, meals, etc.) If a candidate is accepted, the scholarship aid will be sent directly to the school or program at the beginning of the course. 

The UNIMA-USA scholarship committee accepts applications once a year. The deadline for applications is December 15th. for study to take place in the following calendar year. The committee will review applications in early December, and will notify candidates of their decision by December 30th.